A Fearless Experience

I’m Shannon Lane,
founder of Fear Birth No More.

If you are like most couples I meet these days, fear of pain in childbirth and something going wrong is a heavy weight you carry.

No woman or couple should be afraid to welcome their new baby into the world.

With 10+ years of experience helping couples overcome fear of childbirth, I provide grounded education to help you have an empowering and joy-filled birth and pregnancy

My Mission Is Education

In America, the average couple does more research on what kind of car they are going to purchase than on what kind of birth they want to have.

Often couples tell me that they feel intimidated by all the information out there on birth; the seemingly conflicting studies and extreme opinions on both sides of particular issues.  No doubt birth research can feel like choppy waters these days for the novice.
Unfortunately American hospitals have one of the worst maternal and infant mortality rates of all developed nations. In 2018 we rated 33 out of 36 countries. Iceland was number 1 in mother-baby safety.

”Compared with other OECD countries, the U.S. ranks No. 33 out of 36 countries”

Many women and couples are finding themselves less and less comfortable “trusting the professionals”

My goal in education is not to educate you in MY way of birth, but rather clarify and demystify so you can choose YOUR best way to birth.


Do you hear birth stories of friends and family and want something different but don’t know how?


Knowledge is power and we tend to fear what we don’t know.
Fear Birth? Know more.


No woman or couple or child should have a birth experience clouded by fear.    


I had the privilege of experiencing two births with Shannon as my doula!


Shannon was an Incredible doula for the birth of our son!

What I offer...

Doula Services

I provide Doula services in the Denver, Colorado Springs area. Contact me to set up a free half hour consultation to explore this option.

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Midwifery Services

I will soon be offering full prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postpartum care for both mom and baby.

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Child Birth Classes

Coming Soon

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