Midwifery, My Lifelong Passion

*Currently a student Midwife*

My midwifery journey has been a very enjoyable one beginning with the first birth I attended, my little sister’s birth in our home. I was 10 years old.

I attended births with my mother through my teen years and began my own training in my early 20s. My midwifery educational journey has lead me over seas to 4 different countries and 4 different states here in America.

This journey has taught me the value of individualized care and that each woman deserves to be treated with honor and respect during her pregnancy and birth.

As I near the end of my student journey I am excited to soon be able to offer full prenatal care, labor and delivery and postpartum care for both mom and baby for 6 weeks after delivery.

More information coming soon on my license status and care location.

Have any questions?

I want to meet you, and help you find your strength in this amazing time of life.

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