Fear Birth No More Curriculum

Through the curriculum my goal is to show you the beauty of child birth and help empower you in this amazing time of life! 
Below is a quick overview of what the course will include and what to expect when inviting me into this journey with you.

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Learn What's Needed For Your Best
Birth Experience

1. Pregnancy Health and Nutrition: The first class covers the essential pregnancy basics to a healthy mom and baby!  Healthy out comes don’t have to feel like a shot in the dark!

2. Roles of Both Partners: In class two I teach couples how birth works best when a woman is able to fully surrender and how the, masculine energy support, of her partner can help her do that.  

3. Labor Rhythms and Patterns:
In class three I share the various labor patterns, what to expect at each stage, how to know when to go to the hospital, birth center or call your midwife. I created a Labor Road Map to help Dad’s especially, know what to do at each stage of labor.

4. Intervention Education: In class four we go over the different kinds of interventions that are available for both mother and baby, from pain relief to routine treatments for baby. Most importantly though, how to know which ones are right or wrong for you.

5. Relaxation Techniques: In class five I help you understand deep relaxation and learn how to work with your body for the most peaceful birth possible.

6. Postpartum: In class six learn what healthy bonding and breastfeeding with your baby looks like and how to best facilitate their early development.

Education for anyone

This course is for any mother or couple who desire an empowered birth experience.

Learn From Home

I know this can be busy time of life for expecting mothers Fear Birth No More will be a downloadable video curriculum that you can go through at your own pace.

I’ll Meet You Where You’re At

Fear Birth No More is a good fit for mothers delivering in home, hospital, or birth center.

My Goal Is To Educate You

In America, the average couple does more research on what kind of car they are going to purchase than on what kind of birth they want to have.

Often couples tell  me that they feel intimidated by all the information out there on birth; the seemingly conflicting studies and extreme opinions on both sides of particular issues.  No doubt birth research can feel like choppy waters these days for the novice.

Unfortunately American hospitals have one of the worst maternal and infant mortality rates of all developed nations. In 2018 we rated 33 out of 36 countries. Iceland was number 1 in mother-baby safety.

Many women and couples are finding themselves less and less comfortable “trusting the professionals”

My goal in education is not to educate you in MY way of birth but rather clarify and demystify so you can choose YOUR best way to birth.

Learn Your Strength

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